My flash video encoder converted an MP4 but output no sound

Jun 07, 2011

I'm trying to place an MP4 video into a presentation.  My Presenter doesn't allow for MP4 uploads, I guess.  I click on the Flash Movie button to import it and it only recognizes videos I've converted to Flash via the video encoder.  However, this latest MP4 video won't convert to flash via the video encoder properly.  I convert it in video encoder and get picture, but there is no sound. 

I had previously downloaded the K-lite codec pack as suggested in several other forums and threads and that got my flash video encoder to recognize the MP4 format, but this latest issue has me stumped.  I saw on on thread something about downloading a codec package from MainConcept, but I read on the download description that it will place a watermark or something to that effect on the final video product.  I do not want that. 

Any suggestions?

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Brian Batt

Hi Josh,

MP4 support was added at Update 5 of the Articulate software.  We're currently at Update 8.  So, please verify that you have the latest version of the Articulate software by using the instructions at the top of the text here:

You'll want to make sure that the MP4 file that you're adding was encoded with the H.264 codec.  Otherwise, it will not work properly.

Brian Batt

When you click on the Insert Flash button from the Articulate menu, you will be able to select an MP4 file regardless of the program that it was created in.  If the MP4 file was created with an incorrect codec, you will receive a message stating that you'll need to re-encode the file.  However, you should be able to import MP4 files from the Articulate menu.

josh kollaja

I've run across the same problem recently as it's never been properly resolved since my original post above.  

Quickly, I'm trying to take an MP4 file and convert it into a Flash File using Articulate Video Encoder so that it will play in Presenter.  However, as with before, each time I import an MP4 file into the Articulate Video Encoder, the video encodes into a Flash file but with not sound.  The video plays fine in it's original state.  I can see the video images and hear the sound.  However, after it goes into Video Encoder, the sound goes away completely.  All that comes through are the video images.  



josh kollaja

Hi, Peter,

I saw your reply to this post and to another post that i posted about a similar problem on another forum yesterday as well.  

Basically, here is the progress I made since my two posts:  

First, I presumed that all my problems were probably the result of some sort of codec issue.  When I first got Articulate installed and started experiencing problems with MP4 videos and Articulate Video Encoder, I found a forum and support page about the K-Lite Codec pack.  So, I downloaded what was at the time the full version of it (7.2 or something). Before I downloaded that pack and installed it, I was bascically unable to insert MP4 video files into Articulate Presenter. After downloading and installing the K-Lite Codec pack, that specific problem seemed to have been fixed.  

However, here's where the real problem lies.  

Yesterday, as with before, I needed to insert a YouTube video my boss uses in some of her lectures into my Articulate project.  I go to YouTube, pull up the video and then copy and paste the video's URL link into the "download box" on a website called allows me to download a video from YouTube so that i can save it to my computer's hard drive.  Some videos have the option on to download as MP3's, MP4's, Flv's, etc. and some only allow for the option to download as a single one or any combination of these kinds of files.  At any rate, because the option for a Flv file was unavailable, I downloaded it as an MP4.  

My plan was to convert the MP4 file into an Flv file via the Articulate Video Encoder.  Beyond anything, I wanted to ensure that the video would successfully be accepted into my Presenter project.  All was fine.  However, every time I put an MP4 into Encoder to convert it to a Flv file, the audio/sound is always left out every time I Publish.  As I described yesterday, only the video image converts successfully.  If I needed the full MP4 video to play, for example, I would be comfortable now with the ability to insert that MP4 into my Presenter project, no problem.  But, sometimes, I don't need the full length of the MP4 video.  It's convenient that Articulate Video Encoder offers me the "trim" option so that I can cut a video down to say, 20 seconds or 45 seconds, etc.  But, when I need to do this, i still don't get any audio in the Published version of the file that gets ultimately spit out the other end of the encoding process.  Compounding the problem is that even if I can and do download one of these videos into an Flv file, Articulate Video Encoder will not allow me import what is already an Flv file so that I can trim it down.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't, I guess!

So, I've always suspected that the core problem was a codec problem.  Yesterday I went back to K-Lite's codec page and downloaded the latest version, 9.2 or something.  this only started a slew of problems.  Long story short, no new codecs seemed to correct the problem.  I installed, uninstalled and then re-installed K-Lite Codec Full Pack versions 7 and 9 several times.  finally, this morning I re-installed version 9 one last time and just kept it.  Now, I can't get Articulate Video Encoder to recognize any MP4 file, and as a result receive an error message.  I haven't a clue now as to what's gone so wrong.  

So, I turned to the forum again.   I saw a post on some forum about Format Factory.  I downloaded Format Factory and successfully converted the MP4 file into an AVI file.  (Heck, I even downloaded G-Spot to see if that would help...but it's been of little use.)   Next, I plugged that new AVI file into Articulate Video Encoder and lo and behold, I have successfully created an Flv file that includes both image and sound.  

So, while I found successful work-arounds, etc., since my posts yesterday, the corrective process really does seem like a heck of an inconvenient detour.  I am not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to computer language, like codecs and the lack of this codec or that codec produces this problem or fixes that problem; or for that matter which codec successfully recognizes this file but doesn't recognize that file, etc.  Sure, I admit that!  But, now that my codec issue is on the one hand solved (...sort of...) and on the other hand further muddled and to some extent, exacerbated, I have little confidence that this work-around issue will be lasting use.

While I am in the middle of a project, I haven't much time to devote to creating an open ticket, but once this project is complete (hopefully soon), I'll be able to put one together so that you guys can possibly understand and maybe correct this problem.  



Keith Manison


I'm having the exact same problem Josh describes. I'm going to try his work-around, but just to let you know, this is not a isolated user having this issue.

I don't know if this is significant, but the mp4 I converted would not play directly in Presenter due to codec issues, but it did play with sound in in the video encoder BEFORE encoding to flv, but no souund after encoding.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tanya! I see where you opened a support ticket (#00362887) and worked with Vira. It appears that a solution was sent to you on 10/18 as follows:

Hi Tanya, 

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support! 

Although Video Encoder ’09 supports MOV files, it does not support MOV files that have been created with Kodak and Aiptek cameras.  Please review the following article for more information and a workaround: 

** This could also apply to MP4 file if any of the software above was used to create the video. 

= = = 

In the meantime, please try re-converting your MP4 video using another conversion tool, such as HandBrake (, which is a free tool. Here is a video screencast on how to use HandBrake to convert videos to be used with Articulate software: 

You may then republish this MP4 in Video Encoder for FLV output. Note however that Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage all support MP4 videos. 

Be sure that it did not get lost in a Spam/Junk folder and you can reply to the e-mail if you need further assistance, but I took the opportunity to share your solution with the community as well

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