My preview only gives me 10 of my 12 slides

Nov 28, 2011

Really strange problem here;  I have build a project that has a quiz, an engage feature and a bunch of other slides I made up and when I go to articulate - preview - preview a range of slides it says 'preview slides 1 - 10' but I have 12 slides.

Initially I thought this was a problem with my quiz (because it was slide number 11) but I couldn't see any problems so I moved my quiz to be inside the first 10 slides and did a preview again and the quiz worked fine but the slide that was now outside of the first 10 slides did not.

I am still using the trial version as my company takes ages to approve quotes, could this be the reason, is the tiral limited somehow?

Please someone help, I really like my project and I have just convinced the company to not upgrade Captivate and buy Articulate instead and i am trialling it on this project. If I can't fix this they may decide to stick with Captivate and but I don't want to go back - don't let them make me go back  <-- a bit dramatic but hopefully you want to help me now

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