My Slide Levels don't seem to be working right (?)

Dec 28, 2010

I've been using Slide Properties to assign slide levels for a project I'm working on. Can't figure this out and running out time. I've got the following:

Slide 1 (Navigation title: Simulation) is level 1 in slide properties.

Slide 2 (Navigation title: Simulation 1) is level 2.

This works fine. After Slide 2, I've got 10 hidden slides. I want to designate the next slide AFTER THAT (Navigation title: Simulation 2) to show as level 2. But... I can only choose level 1 in slide properties for that slide!  What am I doing wrong?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bob - yah, slide levels can sometimes be a little a tricky. What's happening is, Presenter is assuming that any slide after a hidden slide shouldn't be at a "deeper" level than the hidden slide before it. But here's how you can get things to work the way you want:

  1. First, unhide the 10 hidden slides. You can do this quickly by shift-clicking to select multiple consecutive slides, and then do a right-click on the selected group and Unhide them all at once.
  2. Next, give those slides a level of 2.
  3. Now you should be able to apply a Level 2 to the next slide after that (which would be the one where you begin your second Simulation).
  4. Once you've assigned all the levels, then you can go back and re-hide the 10 slides.

I hope that helps!

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