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Babette Miller

I'm pretty new and definitely no expert, but isn't that controlled in your player template? I know there are 2 ways you can show slide notes - i have only ever used them in the lefthand menu. Mine always show up behind my menu listing. But I've seen other presentations where there's a notes button at the bottom of the player instead, so I know it can be done. Not sure if that helps.

David Anderson

Hi Christine - Do you see your Notes tab but not any notes? Or is the Notes tab not even showing?

If your Notes tab is showing, but you don't see text, perhaps your notes color is blending into your notes background color. Did you modify any template colors? Long shot, but thought I'd throw that out there.

John Curran

Hi all,

Notes not showing is a problem that we often seem to get. In all our cases it is caused by the notes in PPT being set to white. For some reason in PPT itself even though the text in the notes panel is given a different format always displays black and at a standard font size.

You can check by selecting the notes text and seeing what you have selected in your text formatting ribbon bar.

Not sure why the text goes white but it appears to be linked with text that is cut and pasted.

The first sign of trouble comes in the narration window - if you see gaps there or no text at all the problem is almost always white text.

The same applies to the font size - will look fine in PPT but will appear in published Articulate at various sizes.

Maybe there is something in PPT that could be tweaked to stop this?