Names of Web Objects showing in Toolbar

Nov 03, 2011


I was publishing an eLearning module I had been working on. Even though in the Player Template I have it so nothing shows in the toolbar menu, there are links to various engage interactions (some that do not even exist in my presentation) and web objects at the top. How do I remove these from showing at the top of my template?

They are not in any of my slides.

Thank you

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jessica! So these items are showing up as player tabs at the top right of your player? If so, and you want to get rid of them, try this: open your presentation in PowerPoint. On the Articulate menu, click either Quizmaker Quiz or Engage Interaction. When the Quizzes And Interactions window pops up, click Player Tabs at the left. If these stray items show up in the Player Tabs listing in the middle, select them and click Remove. Then publish again and see if that helps.

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