Narartion skips in Presenter

Being a newbie I was looking forward to learning this Articulate thing but after today, I'm about ready to throw my computer out the window.

In my presentation, I had to make some changes to a few slides and I had to create some new slides as well. This means that I had to re-record the narration for those slides - no big deal right?  Wrong.  So I do the recording and when I play it back it skips some of the words and then jumps ahead in the recording. I re-record and it does the same thing but in different spots. So I go into audio editor to delete it but before I do, I play the recording to see if I might be able to fix it.  Funny thing is that it sounds perfect - no skipping. So then I preview it and yup, the audio is skipping.  When I record, I am just recodring the narration. I was planning on syncing spearately. This didn't happen last week when I was doing my recordings, so I have no idea what's causing it.

Any ideas on what I'm missing and/or doing wrong?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Robyn,

I apologize for the issues you're having. If you'd like to upload your files to us, we can try to reproduce the issue and get it resolved. You can do that here:

And before you do, I would double-check to be sure you are working on your C: drive in a directory location that is shorter than 256 characters. Erratic behavior sometimes results if that is not the case.