Narration with Animation in Presenter - Help!


I have been trying to sync my narration with these callouts, so that they appear and I read the text on them and then, they disappear, so that another callout can appear in its place.  However, it hasn't been working.  Either the narration begins and the callout is not even on the screen, or it disappear s from the screen and I am still referring  to it.  Any suggestions? - Helena

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Zara Ogden

Are you using Sync Animation in Presenter?

The important thing is to have your animations set up correctly. It can be tricky.

All animations should be setup as  "on click"

Annimation set up

appear - on cilck

disapear - on click

appear - on cilck

disapear - on click

To Sync

Go into Sync Animation

load up the correct slide

when ready click start sync

listen to the audio and press the Next Animation button when you want the animation to play.

Justin Wilcox