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I am currently working with a 3rd party to create a branded Skin we can use for our trainings.  When I am testing the skin and I hide slides through slide properties they do not show up when I am using the navigation buttons.  I thought that when you hide slides under slide properties they were only hidden from the navigation menu, They are telling me this is not the case, that a hidden slide should only be accessed by a hyperlink within the presentation.  I the past when I have used the general player template that comes with Articulate, slides that were hidden through slide properties were still accessed when you were using the forward and back buttons but were just not available to see on the Navigation Menu?  Is this the case?  If so and the provider can't make it work this way, any suggestions on how I can get the slide names not to show up on the menu without hiding them?  If I don't enter in titles it still defaults to the slide #.

Thank you!

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Ron Price


I do not use a lot of custom skins, myself, so I am not sure how Slide Properties settings (Hiding, Branching, and Locking) impact the functionality of different custom skins.  That being said, your understanding of how the Navigation works with "Hidden Slide"  (in Slide Properties) is correct.  It sounds like your provider would need to rectify the situation.