Navigation restriction not applying at all!

Hi everyone,

I've been using Articulate for a few years now and love it... I used to have no issues with it on my XP system but now with our forced migration to Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit I am experiencing some VERY frustrating issues.

I'm having a very serious issue right now. When I set my player template to restricted navigation and publish or preview the presentation, the restriction is not applying at all! I am still able to browse to any slide as if the navigation was set to free! I have saved, re-opened and kic ked my computer several times but nothing seems to help... Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have a deadline fast approaching and this is a MAJOR hangup.

Thank you,


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Josh Miller

I believe I have found a solution!! For anyone else that has this issue I had to save the player template as another name and then choose some other template from within the project. During publishing I had to choose a restricted template that was NOT labeled "(In Project)". This seems to have allowed me to properly publish! Whew...