Need consistent look between PPT slides and Engage

I am new to Articulate and have a most basic question. I created a PPT presentation, then added in some Articulate interactions. However, when I play it back, the PPT slides (with just solid white background) look totally different from the Engage slides, which have the standard title bar across the top. How can I get the title bar to appear in the PPT slides for a consistent look? 

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Rob Brownfield

In the past I have created a similer look and feel for my Powerpoint slides by simply creating the header bars etc. in Photoshop/Illustrator and placing them in the Master Page.

For a more advanced way of doing it, I created individual Flash files with all the "bounces" and "fly ins" of the title bars/buttons as per the Engage files and simply created the finished screens as individual SWFs and imported these to Powerpoint.

Hope that helps a little.