need modules linked in a course to open in a new window

I created a course that has a main menu with links to other articulate files elearning files.

The desired result is that when a user clicks on one of the menu items, a new elearning module opens in a separate window.

What is currently happening is that when a user clicks on one of the menu items, the new elearning opens in a separate window, but when I select "start" it opens in the original window and overrides teh main menu, so the learner isn't able to get back to the main menu with out going all the way back into the LMS to start it again.

This is not user friendly and does not make for a positive experience. I think it is an issue with the LMS, but wondering if there is any kind of setting in Articulate that deals with this?


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Christine Hendrickson

HI Laura,

Sorry - I'm having a little trouble understanding what's happening. If you couldn't mind, could you clarify something for me, please?

The external course is loading in an additional window initially, correct? When they start that course, though, the new window closes? If I'm understanding correctly, that window is closing and the new course is loading in the window they had open originally. Is that right?

That does sound a little strange - have you tested the project outside of the LMS to see if that may be causing the issue? You could test on Tempshare or SCORM Cloud, just to see if you experience the same behavior. 

If it does turn out to be an issue with the LMS, perhaps there are some other options for you. One thought comes to mind that may work for you - how about actually "housing" those courses in your project as web objects? For example, you could set up the additional courses in slides as web objects. Then the main project would function as the menu or container for all of your courses. You could even hide the courses in the menu list, if you have a menu already in place for those courses. You can hyperlink to the slides that contain the courses that have been inserted as web objects and that way, the learner stays in one place the entire time.

Again, just a thought :)

Let me know how it goes!

Laura Kreun

Thanks for the response Christine.

The issue was that the new elearning was opening in the same window as the initial elearning, such that the learner wouldn't be able to return to the original elearning to access the other elearning links.

Through further research, we found that it was a setting in our LMS.

As a work-around, I created a PDF with the elearning links, when the learner clicked on the menu option, a PDF will all of the embedded links opened.  When they click on links in the pdf, a new elearning will override the initial elearning, but that is ok, they still have access to the other links because the PDF remains open.

I like your idea about web objects!  I may try that sometime.

Thanks again!