Need Some Assistance From You Gurus!

First I will apologize if this isn't the correct forum to be voicing this question but I looked through the other categories and felt this fit best. 

Here is my question.  A client whom I have recently started working with has ask me to help them with customizing there presenter interface.  Currently we are building some engage interactions for their LMS.  We do not have any experience in working with the Presenter SDK or any of the Presenter Templates for different skins applications.  How difficult will it be to strip the presenter down to basically the outer border skinned to match the company's color and a Skip Forward and Skip Backwards button.  That is it.  That is all they want, so really they just want us to strip away what comes in the default skin and layout.  Will we have to rewrite any AS2 code to make this possible or are we simply talking about an XML configuration file?  Any information would be paramount as we do not want to agree to help them if this is a more involved task than we are being led to believe.  Thanks In Advance and again sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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Brian Houle

Hi, stat1124:

Creating custom Articulate skins can be tricky.  But, if you're trying to reskin the player for a specific project only and not for general consumption, I would have a look at these two tutorials and see if they don't suit your needs.