Need Suggestion on responsive design

I am using Articulate 360 to publsih my PPT into SCORM 1.2
My client has pointed out that when published in HTML5, and viewed in Mobile (Potrait Mode), there is a lot of empty space in top and bottom of the player. (Refer attachment - 360)

I understand that RISE can help us in making fully responsive (also will eliminate top and bottom spaces) (Refer attachment - RISE). But I see lot of limitations in RISE in terms of flexibility to design a screen (like we can do in PPT).

Can someone help me to understand?

1. Can we remove the top and bottom space and make the content appear across the device screen size with Articulate Studio 360 (by publishing PPT files)?

2. Is there any other tool you may have come across which act as fully resposive just like RISE, but works for PPT, which can help my PPT files to act like RISE responsive layouts.


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Tom Kuhlmann

PowerPoint is a slide with a specific aspect ratio. The content is placed in a specific location. Thus there's no setting to reflow the content. Whatever you create in PowerPoint functions like a video where it will scale up or down to fit the device.

If you're using Articulate 360 and want to use PowerPoint, here's what I'd recommend:

As far as Rise, it is a better option for smart phone delivery. While there are some design constraints, you may find that by removing what would normally be in an e-learning course, you have a much more elegant experience. In most case, I'd choose Rise over a PowerPoint-based course.

Also, there are a lot of things you can do in terms of creativity once you understand how the Rise blocks work and what options exist. Here's a demo where I took the same content from a Process Interaction and used different blocks to see if I present the process in different ways.