nested interface controls

Hello, all,

To avoid Java compatibility issues, I’m using a wrapper to nest an Articulate course in CertPoint VLS 5. The interface ends up looking like this:

My concern is that with the nested interfaces, the Learner can accidentally click the VLS Next button and completely skip the Articulate course.

I know I can hide the VLS controls on a slide-by-slide basis, but if I hide them on this slide, it would make it impossible to proceed to the content following the Articulate course once the Articulate course is complete. Is there a setting or other workaround that would allow me to hide the VLS controls when the Articulate controls are visible? Or perhaps add a control to the final Articulate slide that would advance the user to the next VLS slide?

CertPoint suggested that I embed JavaScript in the Articulate file. Is this possible?

Ideally, I’d like the VLS controls to be unavailable while Articulate is playing, and then become available when Articulate is done.



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