New Slides have narration added on

Every time I try to add a blank slide into my presentation, a voiceover from a previous slide is attached. No matter where I add the new slide, it is always the same narration. I am not copying or duplicating a slide--I am adding new. I have rebooted my computer, tried everything I can think of, including copying a slide from another presentation but no matter what--same narration on any new slide. Help!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Valerie -- Sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Thank you for indicating that you have already tried rebooting, and copying into a new slide, but there are a few more troubleshooting steps we can run though for good measure. 

Please confirm that you are all working locally, and also see this information on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in Articulate Studio '13, as well as How to Repair Articulate Studio '13.

Please let me know if that helps, and you are welcome to attach your file here or a sample so that we can take a look if issues persist.