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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Lou!

If you attempt to record narration, sync animations, or add annotations in Presenter '09 and find that it skips through a slide, you are likely encountering an issue with the theme or slide master in PowerPoint. You can workaround this issue by temporarily changing the theme for the affected slide(s) in the following manner:

1) Select the affected slide(s). 
2) Go to the Design tab. 
3) Click the drop-down arrow for Themes, and select "Save Current Theme". 
4) Assign a recognizable name to your custom theme. 
5) Then click the drop-down arrow for Themes again. 
6) Right-click a Built-In theme, and select "Apply to Selected Slides".
7) Record narration. sync animations, or add annotations to the affected slide(s). 
8) Then go back to the Design tab, and click the drop-down arrow for Themes. 
9) Right-click your custom theme, and select "Apply to Selected Slides" to revert back to your original theme.

Let me know if that does the trick, and good luck!