New to Articulate and e-learning design - any recommendations?


  I recently got a new job - instructional designer - and need to quickly get up-to-speed on online course design and the Articulate suite. I know, a big wish, but I need to start somewhere.

I've worked with online learning for years (purchasing, evaluating, administering, supporting users), taken some online course design training (a few years ago), and designed and taught some instructor-led training. However I haven't designed online courses before.

I've been given the Powerpoint and the Articulate Suite tools to use in this job. My powerpoint skills are medium and I am working on improving them, however I am an Articulate newby.

Can anyone recommend some online tutorials or other options for a beginner to help me start skilling up in both Articulate Suite and e-learning design?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much

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Adam Truckenmiller

I was in your shoes a few years ago. What I did to learn about the Articulate suite was to simply play around with the software by create a short module, for example a New Hire CBT to welcome new employees to the company.

if you have a graphic design background and have the tools for that then great! But if not there are some free image sites out there (as i'm sure others will provide) the only one I use is this one: otherwise I just create what I need.

It is very helpful to go through tutorials on here and try to implement them into your "practice course" another site that I like to use is this one:

Once you get the hang of Articulate, that site can be quite useful.

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Cindy!

Along with Adam's suggestions, here's another great place to start:

You can navigate through the lessons one-by-one, advancing only when you're comfortable. And of course, you're welcome to come to our forums for any questions you encounter along the way. Good luck, and welcome again

Stefano Posti

Hello Cindy, and welcome to Articulate fantastic community.

Just to follow through Adam and Peter's advice, I would add the following:

Articulate Studio is really well structured and user friendly; you will easily understand its logics and gain proper experience using its menu options...but seeing its features in action can really speed up its learning curve... and currently, you can find amazing tutorials to get the best of each feature....

So, during your working day, BUDGET some time for tutorials!

Remember, a 5 minute tut can help you spare a 3 hours excercise (though excercise is important, too!).

You will also find A LOT of tips and tricks, or cool workaround, in the elearning heroes forums... just type in the search box for any matter you have doubts on, and a plenty of threads will help you through... and if you don't find what you need, just ask...

we all are learning and getting better day by day, just helping each other.

Good luck,  and again, welcome to the community   

Linda Lorenzetti

Welcome Cindy,

You can learn a lot from the tutorials on Screenr; here's some good ones to get you started // 

// // // 


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