Next version of Articulate: Easy way to export scores, data?

In the next version of Articulate will there be an easy way to export data, scores, completions, etc., other than having to use SCORM, AICC or Articulate Online?

I really don't need a full-blown LMS, more of an LMS-lite.

just looking for a way to export data that says user has completed a training module, and if they take a quiz, that they completed the quiz and what their score was.

would love it if I could capture that data in MySQL.

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Peter Anderson

Hey John!

Articulate Online is basically an "LMS lite". If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to watch the in-depth presentation here:

And for any specific product suggestions you might have for us in the future, please feel free to do that here:

With that said, there are a couple of unsupported workarounds that may meet your MySQL wishes, which you can learn more about below. But keep in mind, we cannot assist with these methods:

We strongly believe that you’ll get much better and more accurate results if you use a server-based solution like Articulate Online or an LMS to host, deliver, and track the content. Thanks for your interest!