Next Version/Update to Articulate Studio 09?


I remember when Articulate Storyline was released, someone on one of the webinars mentioned that a new version of Articulate Studio was also planned. Can you tell me when the release of the next update for Articulate Studio will be?

Right now, I'm green with envy for Articulate Storyline, but because my organization just purchased Articulate Studio late last year, it is doubtful that I will be able to convince folks to buy Storyline.



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Garry Adams

Hi Peter,

Well you did not answer the question about a free upgrade, so I am guessing the answer is "No".

So, it is going to cost me about $1400 for Studio 09 Pro, then another $700 to upgrade in a few months time (or less), for a total of $2100. How much will Studio 12 Pro sell for? Will it be less that $2100?


Peter Anderson

Hi Garry, 

We haven't announced a pricing plan for Studio '12, but it will most likely be similar to our other products (in the $1,400 range). Please note that the cost of a PMP plan includes at least one free major upgrade, depending on the plan you choose, which is an additional savings over the regular upgrade cost of a non-member.