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Jul 20, 2012

Hello, I am using Articulate presenter for first time to publish the power point presentation with embedded audio in SCROM format. I have audio in each slide. But when I do the publish final result don’t have any audio. Everything else works fine. Can someone please help!!!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jayant,

The issue might be related to how you added your audio. The recommended way is to either record it via the Articulate menu or import it

If the audio was instead recorded through through the PowerPoint menu, the only PowerPoint audio that is supported in Presenter is through SlideShow > Record Narration. If your PowerPoint audio isn't being recognized by Presenter, what you might be able to do is extract the audio and then import it into Presenter.

Jeanette Brooks

Jayant, here are some resources that might help you with your audio quality:

  • We recommend using 16 bit 44khz PCM wav files for the best audio quality. If yours don't match those settings, you can use the first 2 screencasts on this page to correct that.
  • Here's another helpful tip if you still find that your audio does not sound as good when published.
If you're still having trouble even after using those steps, you're welcome to submit a support case so that we can take a look.