No audio, no customation but slide duration on seek bar


I am modifying an e-learning course which previously had audio on each slide, recorded with the Articulate.

There were also animated textboxes on the slides, that appeared according to the audio.

No have deleted/deactivated all audio (with the Audio Editor) and all custom animation.

But when I publish the course, I have a different slide duration on each page, although it should only be the standard 5 secons, which I set in the Presentation Options. That there are different durations is already visible on the audio editor!

How can I get a equal slide duration?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Florence

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Brian Batt

Hi Florence & welcome to Heroes,

To remove all of the timings from your project, you'll need to use the method below:

1.  Open your project in PowerPoint

2.  Click on the Articulate menu

3.  Select the Audio Editor

4.  When the Audio Editor loads, press CTRL + A.  This will select everything

5.  Press the delete key on your keyboard

6.  Click the Save & Close button

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.