No audio when playing video in the Articulate Mobile Player

I have been having issues with getting audio to play in the video versions of the Articulate Mobile Player. When exported, the flash html and html5 versions work fine, but the video in the app form doesn't respond with audio. Could this be a problem with the files being published, or possibly with the files themselves being converted from the '09 version of Presenter (I doubt that though, because they are working in the other formats after publishing).

Please help! Thank you.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frank!

Ashley sent your files to me when she realized that your course was actually built using Presenter. I took a look at the files, published, and launched in the Articulate Mobile Player. 

I am not having an issue with the audio playing in your video.

I understand that your content is private, so I will send you my link via PM for you to test.

Leslie McKerchie

For tracking:

From Frank:

sadly the video audio still is giving me issues.

Now, I am wondering if there could be an issue with how the ios content is being published, since the flash and html5 content is working fine.

It is either that, or something about the AMP app that I have no idea about lol no forums about it at least.

Keep me posted! The sooner we get this resolved, the sooner I get to have fun converting all our curriculum into mobile-friendly content

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frank!

Do you have access to test on another device? I'm seeing many users in the Apple community with similar issues on particular devices. Again, I'm not having any audio issues with your project on the iPad, so I do not think that it has anything to do with the app. 

Have you tried a hard re-boot of your device?