Note section is displaying blank.

Hi to all,

I am facing an issue, it's strange to see such issue after publishing.

The Note section seem's to be blank with some error message.

Could you help me with some solution which i can use for such issue.

I will let you know it's an urgent issue, Need's to be solved early.

Please guys help me with this.


shailesh sharma.

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Elizabeth DeGeorge

I suppose you already know that Articulate Presenter picks up the content from the PowerPoint Notes. Occasionally, we have observed missing notes if the notes in PowerPoint have been styled in some way.  If the text is copied and pasted from a Word doc, it may have a style applied that Articulate doesn't replicate.  Copy the notes into notepad and repaste into PowerPoint notes.

Did you use some unauthorized or unpurchased component within your presentation? That bytescout notice sounds like someone trying to protect their license.