Notes displayed in Articulate Presenter appear red

I can't for the life of me figure this one out. On a few slides roughly half of  the notes on those slides were shown in dark red. When i highlighted the entire note and chose black, the entire note was then turned red. On another slide that was doing this i just highlighted the portion that was red in the Preview and chose the text to be black. When i went back into Preview--no change.

This shows up in the Preview, not in the PPT.

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Janean Timber

Thank you for reaching out to try and help me with this problem. Unfortunately, I cannot share a screenshot with you due to the very sensitive nature of the materials. There have been so many issues that have come up in this particular course that I'm sure would have been interesting for you to see. What I did to solve the problem was clear all the text in notes; save the files; create the text in word with the exact parameters I wanted for Articulate; then copy and paste into the presentation. All the previous/different versions of trying to change the info didn't work.

Thanks for being so willing to help-I really appreciate it!!!!!


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