Notes don't change with slides in Sync Animation


I've imported audio into my PPT using Articulate, and now I want to sync it with the notes I've written.

But when I go into Sync Animations, after syncing one slide, when I move on to the next slide, the notes for that slide don't appear; only the notes from the previous slide remain. So I need to go out of the Sync Animations function and then go back in to continue, which is terribly time-consuming.

This has already happened a few times to me just today.

What can I do to fix this?

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Brian Batt

Hi David,

Can you try repairing your normal.dotm file by using the method in the link below?

Be sure to restart your machine after making the changes.

If you continue to have issues, you may have a corrupt installation of Office that is causing the issue.  Thus, I'd recommend following all of the steps in the link below: