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Densie Chapman

I am having the same problem.  I have attached what I see.  I have my player sized to "lock to optimal" and "scale to 100%" but it is still crazy blurry.  I also have the latest updates even though the Articulate site says they fixed this issue in update 3.  Notice how blurry the notes are as compared to the title above them.  It doesn't matter if there is one line of notes or a lot.


Håkan Olofsson


I've noticed the same issue after upgrading to Studio '13 recently. The notes look bad, compared to the output from Studio '09. However, it looked much better when I first tried to publish on my laptop (Windows 7), using a trial licence (published for CD delivery). After upgrading my production machine, desktop PC with XP and acquiring a licence for it, notes appear blurry when publishing for both CD and WEB delivery. Could there be an issue in Presenter (in XP?) when rendering the notes texts to .swf-files? The content of the old published notes files (notesbigXX.swf/notessmallXX.sef) from Studio '09 look fine in a browser, the new notes files don't. I have Update 5 installed...

Densie Chapman

Nothing that Articulate Help has told me has worked. I finally started trying EVERY font in my font list because we really need the Notes in our sessions. I have found that the "Andale" fonts (there are four or five of them) work really well and actually show up pretty clear. There may be others that I have missed too, but it was just a matter of trial and error to find those. Try those and let me know if they work for you too.