Notes not appearing in Published course on slides using sync anima

Jun 22, 2012

I have a slide where I’ve synced the animations.  I have the script in the notes section of the powerpoint; they appear in the sync animations notes pane also.

I synced everything…looks good.  But when I preview and/or publish, my script doesn’t appear in the notes tab.  It appears on every other slide.

How do I get the scrip to appear in the Notes tab of a published course on slides that I’ve applied the sync animation feature?

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Jeanette Brooks

Kim you mentioned the script is short (6 lines of text)... but is the presentation itself long (i.e., are there a lotta slides in the sidebar menu)? If so, that link I pasted above mentions how there is a known problem that occurs sometimes where the notes on some slides don't appear in the Notes tab.

But -  if that's not the case for your project, the next thing I'd try is to create a new slide, copy/paste the elements from the problem slide to the new slide, export/import the narration, and sync the new slide. There might be some kind of weird corruption on just that one problem slide, and maybe recreating it from scratch will clear that up.

If not, you could also try this solution to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file, however that involves a little more work because you'd need to reinsert audio and resync, etc. for all slides. It wouldn't be a bad idea to submit a support case and upload your project so that a support engineer could take a look and perhaps there are some other recommendations we could provide that would help. 

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