Notes Panel

Apr 12, 2011

Is there any way to manage the location or size of the Notes Panel and to force the Notes Panel to always appear for every slide?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Brian - though there isn't an option to resize the notes panel, you do have some control over when it appears. Are you using the notes panel in the sidebar, or the one at the bottom of the player

If you're using the sidebar notes panel, you can make that panel appear on top of the other sidebar tabs, so that it's always visible (unless of course your user clicks a different tab). You can do that by going to Player Templates > Navigation. In the Navigation Tabs area of that window, select Notes Tab and click Set as Starting Tab.

If on the other hand you're using the notes button at the bottom of the player, you can make that pop up automatically when the presentation launches (but of course users may choose to close it). To do this, go to Player Templates > Player Controls and mark BOTH of the following boxes: "Show slide notes button at bottom" and "Open slide notes when presentation starts."

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