Notes Section Text Blurry


I installed Articulate Studio '13 on a new computer recently and have been having trouble with the text in the notes section of the presentation. The text is constantly blurry and looks bolded. I have tried every formatting option available including clearing all the formatting and different fonts, but none of that seemed to work. I tried creating new presentations and opening already created presentations and the issue was still there. I also checked my dpi settings and finally had the software unistalled and reinstalled, but that did not solve the problem either.

I have Articulate Studio '13 on a different computer and have not had this problem with the notes section. Below is a screenshot of what the text looks like. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,



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Haley Musgrave

Hi Ashley,

I am using update 5. I tested an Articulate package on both of my computers with the software and am only having the problem on one of the computers still. Any idea why it would only be happening on one computer? I attached a test file I was working with. This file had the blurry font on one computer but on the other computer it was clear. Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Haley,

If it's only happening on one of your computers it's possible something didn't work right as a part of the update so you may want to look at conducting the repair detailed here. I looked at the file you shared, and my set up did not appear as your image showing the blurriness, so I'd look into the repair next.