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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Alyssa. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Does this happen in a specific presentation, or in any presentation where you try to use the bullets or numbered list? Also, does this happen in Preview as well, or just after you've published?

How are you viewing the published content? Is it uploaded to a web server? If so, what browser are you using? 

If the content is published to a web server or LMS, are you able to share a link to the content so I can take a look?

Sorry for all the questions - just trying to get a better idea of what's happening



Alyssa Wernham

Hi Christine!

This is happening in one specific presentation, and it does happen in preview as well.  I have been viewing the published content in Chrome, however, my client views it in Explorer, and the same thing happens.

Here is a link to the presentation: http://www.softassist.com/SAdata/wwwroot/clients_dir/NationalStarch/ACHIEVE/Year-EndReview_WBT/player.html

It happens on screen 17, 41, 44 & 54.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks very much for the additional information and the link. 

It looks like it's the same table on each slide, but with slightly modified headers, is that right? I can definitely see where the numbers are missing in the lists, though.

Lets see if we can fix this for you. What version of PowerPoint are you using? If it's 2010, you might want to make sure you have Update 7 installed. Take a look at this knowledge base article for more information. 

You mentioned that you've tried another font and that this is only happening in a specific presentation. Did you copy and paste the content into the additional slides for editing? Are you able to copy and paste them into a new, blank presentation to see if the same thing happens?

Thanks Alyssa!


Christine Hendrickson

I'm wondering if it has something to do with the font family, or the software itself. Unfortunately, without looking at the file, i can't be sure. I don't think you'll be able to upload it to the forums, because it seems like it's a large file.

However, if you'd like, our tech team can take a closer look at the files. Please include a Presenter Package, so they can test the entire presentation and see what may be causing this issue with the lists. Also, if you can, please share the case details with me (you're welcome to do so here or in a private message) so I can follow the progress and update this thread with any suggestions or solutions. 



Alyssa Wernham

I have actually come up with a solution.  This is a presentation that I did not make, just required to update a few years later.  It turns out the text is within the shape, not it's own text field.  So, in a tedious manner, I am copying and pasting the text into it's own field, and placing it on top of the shape.