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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Polys, 

Are you using Presenter 360 or Storyline 360? I ask, as you posted in a Presenter section of ELH and that tool does have a playlist feature which allows for background audio. 

With Storyline, it's not a feature that had been added yet, but as more folks are shifting to using Articulate 360 and Storyline specifically, we've started looking at those requests again. Nothing on the roadmap yet, but I'll include this discussion as a part of the report our team is tracking and that will allow me to share updates when available here.

Rachael Leyba

I'm also very surprised that background music isn't available for Storyline 360.  I write a lot of eLearning courses to meet Government requirements and they are snoozers!  I mean, really how else am I to take such dry subjects and keep my learners awake?  Quizzes & Games, all great but sometimes you have no choice but to lecture or screen demo for a minute or two.  Background music even if only across two or three slides would make a HUGE difference.  

Captivate has a way to automatically and seamlessly distribute audio (verbal or music) across several slides.  You can choose to control the distribution by slide length, or an equal specific time across stagnant slides.  

Please advocate strongly for us and get this pushed up to the front of your road map.

David Tait

+1 for the ability to add background audio across multiple slides. 

We've just experimented with adding the audio to the HTML file post-publish but unfortunately it falls down in Chrome on iOS. Likely due to autoplay policies.

I've just submitted a feature request. Here's the link in case anyone else wants to do the same: https://articulate.com/support/contact/feature-request