Object Order When Publishing

I am trying to publish a course and it always hangs up on slide 28, item 2 of 5.  When I go to preview this slide it also takes longer for AP to deal with item 2 of 5.  How can I know exactly what item 2 of 5 is?  Is it based on the order of what is in the Selection and Visibility pane?

This is not a content-rich slide.  A title, text that wipes in as a group and three clip art images...that's it.

I have many other slides like this and they do not hang up when publishing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jonathan Workman

I actually played with this a bit before your response and found out that it was the text with the wipe anamation that was giving me problems.  I took a different route (not knowing the wipe was the problem), saving the text as an image and bringing it back in, then applying the wipe to the new image.  This seemed to fix the problem in Preview.  I'm publishing as we speak, so we'll see if it worked.  If not, I'll change the animation.  Thanks for your help!