Objects appear after publish

Hello, I hope this is a simple fix that I just do not see.

After I publish a file, boxes and lines appear on SOME screens that are not present in the PPTX file. They are the same color(s) as a graphic across the top in the PPTX Master, so I suspect the publishing process is pulling in random cached pieces of the top image. (Image included here)
In addition to the random boxes appearing, the top bar image is also distorted.

I have tried the following to solve this: Repair Office 2010, repair Articulate Studio, recreated the top bar graphic in PhotoShop as jpg, gif, and png, logged into my other admin profile (both my profiles have admin priviledges and PPT is configured to Run as Admin).

What DID seem to work (on a small test file) was to recreate a brand new master with the new image. The boxes and distortion did not appear. I assume the file, master, or theme is corrupt.

Before I rebuild 35 slides, I wanted to see if anyone has encountered this issue. Also, it would be great to know just how a file becomes corrupt, so that I can prevent it from happening again. I will submit a ticket so the Support team can take a look. 

I can't wait for Storyline's release.

Thanks very much. -Jill Freeman

(I have Win 7, Office 2010, Articulate Studio 09 v6.3.1103.112 Pro. I never publish across networks. I shut down my PC every day.) 

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Peter Anderson

Hey Jill,

Just wanted to confirm that the suggested solutions worked for you:


It looks like it's a conflict with your Slide Master and Theme that you are using. It looks like you applied a theme with that bar on top and used a Slide Master that has that same bar. Now they are overlapping each other. 

What I did was to go to View > Slide Master, select the second Slide Master and deleted the bar on top. Click Close Master View button and republish. The theme will be applied on the slides. You will see that the bar is ok now. 

You can also do it the other way by not using a theme and just using the design in your Slide Master. 


Creating a new slide and copying and pasting the objects from the affected slide to the new slide fixes the issue. 

Jill Freeman

Peter, so sorry for the delay in responding. YES, the presentation publishes fine now. The funky looking bar image was apparently caused by a conflict with a theme and the image. As for the random boxes appearing on slides, your solution worked for most slides. On one slide, however, a simple copy and paste didn't fix it. So I also applied a different layout (blank), and that was the trick.

Thanks so much for your assistance!  -Jill, Digital Harbor