Odd window in Browser through LMS

HELP!  I am using Cornerstone LMS and Articulate Presenter.  SCORM 2004 Version 3.  I am getting a window to the left of the articulate window that lists a hyperlink to the course.  I have never seen this before and it's distracting and taking up real-estate.  The cornerstone people say it's something I am doing in packaging the SCORM file.  Can anyone tell me what I do to get rid of it?  Thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ricky!  Jill's issue above was not an issue with Articulate, but with her LMS.  If you'd like to verify where your issue lies, you can test your content in SCORM Cloud as she did. If you cannot duplicate the issue, look to your LMS, but if you can duplicate it, please  package your course and submit it to us. Hope this helps and have a great day!

David Galindo

James Piechocki said:

Hi, Tom: We are using Cornerstone too. Where on Cornerstone is the setting to start SCORM courses with the table of contents hidden?

Hi James - We are having the same issue and found this thread. I noticed you didn't get an answer to your question and I needed an answer to that as well. Here's what I found on Cornerstone's client site after doing some digging into their March 2014 release notes:


Display an engaging Table of Contents menu for SCORM 2004 courses.

  • With this enhancement, users will be able collapse and expand the Table of Contents menu, navigate between the different levels, and view navigation indications on the menu. Admins will be able to impact the color theme of the Table of Contents by defining the primary color of the Display Preferences.
  • Enablement Notes: *Contact CSOD to enable across environments. Once enabled, will display left side of Table of Contents (TOC) menu for SCORM 2004 courses.


Now all SCORM 2004 courses will display as intended.

  • With this enhancement, users who launch SCORM 2004 courses will have a more consistent experience when adjusting the screen and display size.
Based on these notes and to clarify Tom Berry's response, the backend option is an enhancement that you need to have Cornerstone enable on their end for your portal. I opened a case today with Cornerstone's GPS (Global Product Support) to have the backend feature enabled.
Keeping my fingers crossed that this solves the problem when publishing Storyline courses to SCORM 2004.
Kristi Schultz

We ran across the same issue today. I sent a incident support request with the following information and the issue was resolved for us within an hour.

"Please see the following link. We have confirmed the TOC with links does not show in SCORM Cloud, just in the LMS."

"Do you have a way to remove this through a back end setting?"