Offline demo of Articulate course

I have created an online learning module using Articulate presenter.  It is currently available to our staff online via Articulate online.  I have been asked to present this module to a group of learning professionals but in an offline format.  I want to preserve the audio and videos I have included in the module, though don't necessessarily need the engage interactions or quizes to work.  Does anyone know if there is a way to save the module on a USB thumb drive and still let the viewers get the gyst of the module without having to ensure Articluate software is on the computer I am using for the presentation? 

Right now, I can pull up the PowerPoint presentation and black "space holders"  show up in the slides, but I can't hear audio, I can't see video (code baby avatars)  and the quizes only show as place holders.  If I am in articulate software, these are obviously functional.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Susan!

Have you considered publishing to CD? If you choose this option, you can run the .EXE file locally and it should run the full project locally. If you move this to another machine, however, you'll want to remember that any compressed/zip filed need to be extracted and it needs to be loaded from a disc or the local hard drive (don't run it from a USB drive). 

Here's instructions that may help (for both versions of Studio):

Articulate Support - Publish to CD - Studio '09

Publishing a Presentation for CD or Other Local Destination - Studio '09 

Publishing a Presentation for CD or Another Local Source - Studio '13

You may also want to review this information:

Publishing and Sharing Articulate Presenter '13 Content

I hope this helps!