Old (and odd) title showing when uploading zip file to LMS

Feb 19, 2015

Hi all,

I've got a course written in the old presenter 09, and I'm trying to upload it onto an LMS. But when I do - the title that defaults through is old, VERY old, and I can't edit it. I've updated the course since I first wrote it, including the title, and so I can't find where it's pulling this old information from. When I look in the manifest file, I see the below information, and this is what's coming through onto the upload screen on my LMS. Does anyone know where this information comes from, and more importantly, how I can update it in my course?

To clarify -it shows the course title as 'TEST_2010_Contents_Bank_191211_ORG' and this is not the published name now, but it would have been when I first wrote the course 4 years ago.



</metadata> -<organizations default="TEST_2010_Contents_Bank_191211_ORG"> -<organization identifier="TEST_2010_Contents_Bank_191211_ORG"> <title>TEST 2010 Contents&#8211; Bank 191211</title> -<item identifier="TEST_2010_Contents_Bank_191211_SCO" identifierref="Articulate_Presenter_RES" isvisible="true"> <title>TEST 2010 Contents&#8211; Bank 191211</title> <adlcp:masteryscore>90</adlcp:masteryscore> </item>

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Sarah Tinson

Think I've figured it out - from the publish window, I then went into reporting and tracking, and there are titles and identifiers in there that match what I was looking for. It seems that that information is created when the course is first published, then any subsequent changes to the course title (on the file itself and in the main publish window) don't update it. It's not been an issue before as my old LMS doesn't present that information to users, but in the new LMS I'm using it does. So - I think it's resolved now :)

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