"-old" file

When one of my narrators goes into a presentation to narrate his portion, his narration saves just fine, but I lose the old narration (a different speaker, on different slides) into what I think is a new file that forms with "-old" after its name. I can't open the "-old" one because it says it can't find the associated presentation (the actually Powerpoint, I assume, since there isn't one with the "-old" name).

I think my old audio is hiding in that "-old" file because the file appears really large, but I can't open it to export the audio.

Does anyone know how to open the "-old" one? I tried doing a search but searching for "-old" is tough!

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Amy Doherty

My tech guy managed to recover my old presentation/audio (and I had exported my new audio in the meantime, so can now import that, so I'm in better shape than when I first posted this question.

I still wouldn't mind some insight into why this is happening and what I can do to prevent it. Thanks.