Once there Player Templates are now missing and more!

Oct 24, 2011

So this is somewhat bizarre and I am not sure what is happening here. When I go to C:Program Files/Articulate/Presenter/templates a couple of my standard templates that I use on a regular basis are missing. However, when I go into player templates or use Publish in Presenter and choose the player template, they show up, BUT other templates that I viewed in the Player folder do not show up! 

Could the player templates be located somewhere else that I am not aware of? Just what the heck is going on here?

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.



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Annette Downing

It sounds like the player templates were saved in two seperate locations.  This can happen if you upgrade Windows, or move computers or at least it did for me. If the files aren't located in that file, then they have to be somewhere. So, this is a work around i do to locate them. Create a new random template and call it a name that no other file could possibly be called like "hellokittychickenmonster.xml" then go to your computer settings and search for that random name again in the search feature more than likely this will take you to where the presenter is pulling the info and then move all your other template files into the new location.

Tim Egan

Hi Annette,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate it! 

I tried your recommendation and the new saved template cannot be found anywhere on my computer. The thing is, why would articulate save the template to another location other than the Presenter template folder? This is very frustrating since I need these templates for client trainings. Could this be a bug with articulate?

Does anyone from articulate support have an answer to this issue?

Tim Egan

Another thing to note is, when I go to search for the template in Windows, the template that is missing from the folder will come up in the search results as being located in the Presenter/templates folder, but when I go to "open file in folder location" the "file" is actually a shortcut, not the file itself. I cannot find the actual template itself, even though in the search results it is in the templates folder but as a shortcut. I can choose it as a template in the templates option or publishing but it doesn't show up in the file location.  

Peter Anderson

Hey Tim,

I think this article may be what you're what you're looking for:


And for future reference, if you'd like to reuse a (In Project) custom template that another user has sent you, check this out:


Let me know if that's helpful...

Tim Egan

Hi Pete, that's what I was looking for but couldn't find the info when I did a search in the forums.

I still am not clear on why there are two varying folder locations for the templates. I assume the folder located in Program files is for the standard/generic templates that come with Presenter and the other one in the User location is for new or custom created templates?

Anyhow, thanks for the response and help.

Beverly Scruggs

I'm having a similar but slightly different problem. I created a couple of custom player templates. Now all that shows when I click on the Player Templates button and choose a template are my custom templates. The standard Presenter templates (Corporate Communications, etc.) do not show up. If I look in Explorer under C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates, they're all there, but won't show up in the Player Template dialogue box! If I click on the Load button in the Templates diaglogue box, I get a message that you can't overwrite an existing template. Does anyone know what is going on? I'm using Win7 and PPT 2010.

In researching this on the forums (which are great BTW), I do not see the other path mentioned for templates, C:\users\my_name\AppData is not there. There is no AppData folder.

Thanks for any help.

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