One quiz doesn't work (White Screen) but the others work fine!

This is a wierd one.  Each time I publish my presentation and put it on the web, at least one of my quizzes does not work.  It just displays a white screen. 

I've read the posts re: White Screen quiz issues but they don't help.  Here's the wierd part:  It is a different quiz EACH TIME!!!!!! 

Also, it's not memory related at all.  All 4 quizzes are 6 questions or less with a combination of multiple choice, true/false, and/or pick one.  (2 of the 3 options)  Sometimes a longer quiz works fine and a shorter one has a problem; then vice versa. 


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Sam Carter

I had a similar problem and found the server wasn't familiar with the MIME type.  There may be other issues too.  The best tool for identifying the problem(s) are to use the communication inspectors which are available in recent releases of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

If you need assistance, PM me.