One slide plays double(!) audio...

Articulate Studio 09, PowerPoint 2010.

Imported audio narrations (mp3), synced animations. Slide 6 plays audio for slide 6, and simultaneously audio from slide 9! Pause button pauses slide 6 audio, other audio (from 9) keeps playing. When I get to slide 9, slide 9 audio plays in a continuous loop.

I have deleted and re-imported both audio files. I have deleted and rebuilt and re-imported both slides 6 and 9.  Issue happens in multi-slide previews (6-9) and when published.  If I preview 6 only, it plays properly.  However, if I preview 9 only, 9 still loops the audio continuously.

Help, I am about to rip my head off!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi John!

Have you tried to import your slides into a new file to see if your issue is eliminated?

  1. Open a new, blank presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Go to the Home tab, click the drop-down arrow beside New Slide, and choose Reuse Slides.
  3. In the Reuse Slides panel, click the Browse button and choose Browse File.
  4. Browse to your original PowerPoint file and click Open.
  5. At the bottom of the Reuse Slides panel, mark the box to Keep source formatting.
  6. Right-click the first slide in the Reuse Slides panel and select Insert All Slides.
  7. Save the new presentation and republish.

Note: Articulate resources, such as audio and video, will need to be inserted again into the new presentation. You may need to export the narration from your original presentation, then import it into the new presentation.

If needed, it may be best if you could share your Articulate Package to our support team here so that we can have a look and understand what may be going on.

John L.

I have solved the problem, but I can't recreate it -- apparently the problem audio was attached to a text box on the later slide (which may have at some point in authoring been copied between the 2 slides?).

Deleting and re-importing audio files, deleting and rebuilding slides didn't work over several attempts.  Importing slides into new file resulted in same behavior. Only when copying slide 9 into new presentation, then copying textboxes back into new slide in original, & testing after each step did I identify the alleged culprit text-box.

How the audio file got attached to the text box I have no idea -- I have been unable to recreate.  I have uploaded an Articulate package for your review.