Open PDF in new window?

Hi folks. Here's my dilemma.

I create and zip my Presenter/Quizmaker lesson. Then I place a PDF instruction sheet inside the zipped archive and upload to the LMS.

We're using a version of moodle for our  LMS. I have the user click the link for the learning object it opens in a new window. So now I have the moodle LMS in one window in the background, and the Articulate object in another window in the foreground (this is all well and good.) I have a button on one slide that links to the instruction sheet PDF file that's in the zip archive. When the user clicks the button, the PDF opens as a tab on the moodle (background) window and the Articulate window goes to the back.

My users aren't paying enough attention to realize that the Articulate window is still open, so it appears that it's closed, even though it's just behind the moodle/PDF window.


When I click the button on the slide that opens the PDF, is there a way to have it open the PDF in a brand new window?

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