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Trying to hyperlink from the last slide in a presentation to a URL containing a training certification form. I need the URL to open in the same window or frame that the presentation was in. Is there a way to force that instead of opening a new window? The only workaround I have found is to make the last slide a quiz and configure it to go to a URL upon passing- that way, my form opens in the same window as desired. A quiz is not always appropriate, so if I remove the quiz and place a hyperlink on the last slide to the URL containing my form, back to square one- new window. Any 'target' coding I've tried hasn't worked. Any ideas??

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Brian Batt

Hi Jeff,

You might be able to do this using the web object feature of Presenter. In the link below, Dave Moxon used web objects to allow one presentation to replace another in the same window. He used JavaScript in the web object.

The article should get you pointed in the right direction.

Julee Jaeger

OH man, I did this with a web object and 4 different links, and it worked, but I can't see any of my annotations over the web object.  Thanks for nothing, Articulate.  I'm just doing a simple TOC.  The client wants the intro narration every time the TOC comes up. With the current setup, if the user clicks level 2, two narrations are playing at the same time. I need this to be sequential, and therefore open in the same window, but allow the user to choose to skip a level. Anyone?