Optimize Audio Level - adjust loudness?

Feb 22, 2018

Hi all.

As we are just beginning our transition to Articulate 360, we are exploring our standards for production. 

In Presenter, we have generally normalized our slide audio to -18dB LKFS. In testing the Optimize Audio Level setting, it seems that its target is -21dB. 

So I guess I have two questions.

1. Is -21dB preferable in the eLearning world? Podcasts generally target -18dB, and I'd think that would be a good target. Is there an accepted standard for eLearning at -21dB?

2. Is there any chance that the target level can be adjusted? Otherwise, we'll keep manually adjusting loudness and won't get the convenience benefit of this great feature.



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Alyssa Gomez

You have some great questions, Joe!

I'll leave question #1 to the instructional design experts here in the community. 😊

I can help with question #2! The Optimize Audio Volume setting will normalize audio throughout your course for consistent volume across content slides, interactions, and quizzes. The target level is set by default and can't be adjusted. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Paul!

Where is the Optimize Audio Volume setting in Storyline?

Good question. You can access this option by clicking Publish and then the Quality property. 

From there, you can mark the Optimize Audio Volume box to normalize audio throughout your course for consistent volume across all slides.


✏️ Tip: If your course audio already has consistent volume, you can speed up the publishing process by unchecking this option.

Let me know if your view is different. I'm happy to help!