PLEASE HELP. ANYONE. Phantom PPTA file left over from abortive attend to use Presenter 360

Long story short.  I spent a day with the new Presenter 360 upgrading my Presenter file.

The next day I figured out the hard way that Presenter 360 doesn't support some Powerpoint functionality and my program was rendered useless.

I uninstalled 360 and went back to the latest '13 build.

Now I'm back in my 200+ slide training program and the Powerpoint functionality I lost is back HOWEVER I cannot add back in my audio files because even after deleting the associated ppta file I still get an error saying the ppta was "created with the newer version". See attached error message.  I have completely uninstalled the new version and my .pptx file works fine -- but without any sound files because I cannot attach them because I've enountered this error.

I have done the following:

(1) Deleted the ppta file. Doesn't work -- it deletes, and creates a new one but still gives me this error message.

(2) Save under a different name... still the same issue.

Please help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jim,

I'm sorry to hear that you've run into these issues - and I had a few thoughts and questions to help understand what's happening. 

When you upgraded the Presenter '13 files to Presenter 360 did it create the back up files? You'd see these wherever you're saving files on your local drive and within the folder they'd look as shown here. 

 A backup copy of your original project files will be created.  

If you're still accessing the Powerpoint file associated with the version that was upgraded to Presenter 360, that error message for the .ppta file makes sense. If you delete the PPTA file while you still have Presenter installed it's going to create a new one when you access that particular Powerpoint as Presenter is still installed and therefore generated those additional assets and information in the form of the PPTA file. 

Are you able to find that back up copy to ensure you're not still trying to access the .pptx file previously associated with the Presenter 360 version? If you're not sure where they are or having difficulty finding them, our Support Engineers would be happy to help walk you through that. If you submit a case let me know and I can definitely follow along there and ensure we're all on the same page as well. 

Also, you mentioned deleting and renaming the file, are you also keep all those items in the same folder? Moving them from one folder to another is known to cause similar errors as you're breaking the link between the Presenter and Powerpoint items. 

Jim Powell

Okay, so keeping renamed files in the same folder CAUSES problems?  Or it's moving them that causes the problem.  I'm going to assume it's the latter based on your message.  So I'll keep them in the same directory, but here's the problem:

(1) Right now I've spent many hours working on the .pptx file in 2013 format and when I went to publish it I got the "newer version" error.

(2) So in an attempt to recover from this problem, I'm going to try and export my audio from the previous version, but that never (ever... ever) has work as it crashes the app (I've also filed support cases on that too).

(3) I would just as soon upgrade everything to 360 but that's problematic because my most important piece of software created with Articualte Studio 13 doesn't work in 360 because it uses Custom Show functionality in powerpoint which you stopped supportin with your new version of Studio 360.

(4) So I could split things -- run Studio 13 for that one program that needs the custom show functionality and Studio 360 for everything else, but Articulate will not support a concurrent installation on the same computer.  I have plenty of computers but I only travel with one. I'm in Japan this week and want to work on this on the flight home.

It would sure be nice to be able to talk to someone in support.  I don't care about the money, I waste such a huge amount of time dealing with these problems, that's just a drop in the bucket.

If I log a support case, can I monitor the progress of that case?  i.e. see the back and and forth or does this all have to be done by email?  I'm just asking because other software platforms I use allow me to open a case and then use the case number to monitor the back and forth on that case... since I have many open cases this is optimal.


IN this particular situation, deleting the .ppta file doesn't work.  It creates a new one and recreates the same problem.  I don't want to delete the pptx file as that's the one I've done all the work in (as well as the ppta).  So I take it there's no way to delete the ppta alone -- I have to get rid of both the ppta and the pptx and revert back to the backup from weeks ago and lose all teh work I've put into the pptx file.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Jim.  This back and forth between Studio '13 and Studio 360 sure has been difficult for you.  Our support engineers absolutely can work with you.  It sounds like you might still be facing challenges that we tried to address in a support case with you.  May I request that our engineers reopen your case and reach out to you again?  Also, I want to confirm that you have a 360 Teams subscription, which gives you priority support for your 360 applications and a Live Chat option here.  Take advantage of that value of Teams!

live chat(to the right of the case form)

We don't have a customer-facing case management tool, but it is something that our management has been discussing.  I'll make sure that we can point to you as an example of somebody who might really benefit, especially since during your travels it seems like the communication has not flowed as easily as usual.  Thanks for bringing that idea up.

Can you confirm for me if you regularly receive email notifications for your E-Learning Heroes discussion posts?  I know we're likely on opposite schedules for this week (I'm on the east coast US), but I wanted to also nail down any email troubles you might be facing.  

Our community moderators work according to EST, but our support engineers are available 24/7 using the case form linked above.  Tier 2 support is available 24 hours Monday through Friday, EST.

Jim Powell

I have no problem paying for support, I don't know if I have a "teams" subscription, as I'm a one-man "team".  But I'll check.  I get hundreds of emails a day so I think I need to find a way to get the response message, if they come in, more visibility.  Wonder if I could find a way for outlook to forward them to text msg to my cell phone.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jim- I understand the abundance of emails, for sure!  I'm sorry if my language was not clear.  I was confirming that you do have a Teams subscription.  And you will be able to manage your profile here:

Here's how to manage your profile, and using this link to our support page, you'll automatically be shown the Teams account support options based on your Articulate ID.  I believe you have two Articulate IDs (with 2 distinct email addresses) that you use.  I don't want to list them publicly, but one of your Articulate IDs is listed as your Teams purchaser/administrator, and the other is listed as the end user (which effectively fills the seat).  That article on managing your profile clarifies the different roles of a Team subscription.

You don't have to pay anything extra for support - priority support is included with your Teams subscription!