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Sally Clough


I have been using Articulate and now Storyline.  I used Articulate within Moodle to use the SCORM tracking.  With Articulate I have been able to track the screens viewed.  With Storyline the tracking data is meaningless - see below.

e.g.   cmi.suspend_data      1Na8050407060yx1001411p0101101111012110131101411000

Am I missing a setting in publishing?  Is there anything I can do to get meaningful data?

Below is an extract from Moodle help about using SCORM.

Note that the tracked details depend heavily upon what the SCORM object itself is programmed to report. Many SCORM packages created with authoring suites use the suspend_data field to record important information, instead of the traditional SCORM values. This makes deciphering the recorded data extremely difficult.