Part of main screen tucked under sidebar


I'm sure this has a simple explanation but I'm danged if I can ascertain it. I thought at first it was an LMS thing but now I'm seeing it in preview mode too. I've tried fiddling with template settings (for surely there lies its cause?) but to no avail. Clicking forward in the player then back renders the screen correctly.

Any suggestions welcomed.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Ben! It looks like there's a little issue with the view mode being used on your player for that first slide. See if this clears it up: on the Articulate menu, click Player Templates > Layout and check the View Modes area. Is Standard View selected as the starting view? If not, select it and then click Set As Starting View. 

Adrian Gates

I think this is a conflict between your starting slide player view in your Player template and the first slide's player view as set in the project properties.

I have this problem when I have my player template set to start in Slides Only View and accidentally set my first slide to standard view. If both these properties match, you should fix the issue. For slides 2 and beyond, the player should act fine when published even if you see the issue in preview. It's caused by the order things are loaded in, so by the time you get to those additional slides, the initial loading will no longer be an issue.

Ben Riller

Hi Jeanette and A

Thanks to you both for your quick and precise replies! Your suggestions have indeed fixed this problem. Come to think of it, those View Modes seem to turn up in quite a bit of the discussion here.

A, your explanation makes sense, though in my case somewhere along the way I'd deliberately changed my opening slide to Standard view, without thinking about the consequences in the View modes settings.