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We are using Studio '13 to create our courses. With the LMS we are using, we are uploading five SCORMs. In the LMS, it displays a person's status for each SCORM. And for a number of people, it shows that they have passed the SCORM. However, when I log in to see where they actually are, they might be 1/3 of the way through the material of the SCORM. We have set up our courses so that they are not able to jump ahead.

I asked our LMS tech people why it would show that they have passed when they clearly have not completed going through the entire SCORM. They referred me to check out our settings in Articulate ... perhaps we have something set whereby a user passes after completing a certain percentage of the SCORM.

I have looked into this and don't see any such type of setting. Please advise.


Tracy PuckettĀ 

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