Passing variables in Presenter 13

Aug 18, 2014

Hello all,

We just upgraded to Articulate Studio Pro 13 from 09. When we were using Studio 09 I had two .swf files that I would use to capture the users email address and then append it to a URL using global variables. Since the upgrade these files have no longer worked because Studio 13 supports AS3 and these files were written in AS2. I need to convert these files to AS3 but I am very new to this and am having a very hard time with it. Can anyone help me convert the code below from AS2 to AS3?

//captures the users email address and stores it in a global variable. = "none";
sub_btn.onRelease = function() { = input_txt.text;

/* -------------------- making the button link -------------------- */
myButton1.onRelease = function() {
getURL("http://www.mycompany/user/launch.aspx?v=btl&c=7bc66668-aa2b-4e63-9710-9a3a76788efc&u=" + email, "_blank");

Any help would be appreciated.


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