"Paste options" tab has disappeared!

You know that little clipboard icon that appears on the corner of a slide when you paste it from one presentation to another in Powerpoint 2007?  The one that allows you to select "use destination formatting" or "keep source formatting?"

After I downloaded the latest version of Articulate Presenter 13, that little icon has disappeared.  Consequently, the formatting on all my slides that I paste is being defaulted to "use destination formatting" which is not what I want.

I already went to the powerpoint options button and checked the box to show format options, but it is still gone.

Has anyone else noticed this glitch?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter!

You're referring to the option below, correct?

I'm afraid I don't have 2007 (I'm using 2010 with my Studio '13 installation). However, the paste option itself is a part of the PowerPoint ribbon. 

First, I would recommend restarting your machine. Sometimes that's the fastest solution for strange issues :)

From what I'm reading, if you have that option already enabled, it may be an addon issue. Here's the search I ran to find some information on this. 

Are you able to right-click in the slide to paste the content? If so, are the options available with this method?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter,

Right - I had mentioned that it may be an addon issue causing the problem. One way to find out would be to disable the Articulate addons, just for testing, and see if that makes a difference. 

You could use this article for steps on getting to the addons and try disabling them. If that doesn't make a difference, it may not be Presenter causing the issue. 

This is the first we're hearing of this, so if it is an issue being caused by Presenter addons, it may be specific to the setup that you're using. We'll investigate further if disabling the addons allows you to use the PowerPoint paste options. It just seems odd that the option is removed from the PowerPoint ribbon itself - I'm not entirely sure how that's happening, but hopefully we'll be able to find out.