Pause button does not stop flash video from playing

Dec 06, 2016

Hitting the pause button in a slide playing Flash SWF video will not stop it from playing.  Must I insert controls for each and every SWF file?

Does the same thing happen with mp4 if I were to convert my SWF to MP4 (not an easy task by any means). Thanks, Jim

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Jim! You are correct - in this tutorial on adding Flash files, the SWF file will be independent of the timeline and therefore is not controlled by the player pause/play button. In this case, you would need to insert video controls for each file. 

I have not tried converting a SWF to MP4, but it seems to me that it would work, since MP4 videos will be automatically synchronized with the slide and controlled by the timeline.

Jim Powell

Thanks, it's funny it's one of those things that I never noticed and nobody mentioned it to me (my students).  So I better get cracking on converting my swf files then.  Alyssa, there's one other related thing you could help me with.

I have 70+ courses many with embedde flash content.

I need to figure out what the flash filename is in order to send it off to a vendor to convert the file (there are ~400 flash files in swf format).

I can find no way, from within presenter to right+click on anything that will allow me to figure out what the SWF filename is.  Any ideas?  This is super important. Thanks.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jim.  I believe you have been working with Presenter 360, and this article deals with adding Flash files in Presenter 360.  It includes editing those file properties after the files have already been embedded.

I made a quick Peek of using the "Edit Flash Properties" to discover the name of the .swf file in a slide of my Presenter 360 project which was originally a Presenter '13 project.  I'm sorry for the audio quality; looks like the career in radio will have to wait.  ;)  If you haven't seen this info before, I hope it provides another piece in the puzzle to revealing those many .swf files with which you're working.

I honestly didn't realize you could use the Flash dropdown on the Articulate ribbon this way until I read the Adding Flash Files article from the User Guide.  Otherwise I would have mentioned it here!